What is Han-Modular®?

Han-Modular® is the original and globally leading series of modular rectangular connectors. A modular connector allows the combination of several different media types into a single connection point. Using off-the-shelf modules, engineers can create custom connector systems perfectly tailored to their need in a standard footprint.

Standardization in module sizes offers the highest degree flexibility as engineers can change modules as their design changes without changing the footprint of the connector and thus, their complete design. Placeholder modules also allow for future proofing. As our multi-media connectors combine multiple connection points into one, it offers substantial space saving benefits.

One of the most important things Han-Modular® now offers is the ability to connect to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) at the component level, making in the first “smart” connector on the market.

Standard Han-Modular® showing power, signal, data, and pneumatic modules